All Saints Sunday

All Saints Sunday is the first Sunday in November. We celebrate long ago saints and those known to us as saints; people who inspired us by grit and determination to “keep on trying.” Many of those people are the pastors who lives shaped and influenced our own. Some of the PSEC pastors who retired years […]

501(c)3 Documentation

All churches that are members of the United Church of Christ are tax exempt under the UCC tax number. If your church is asked — usually by a vendor — to provide its 501(c)3 documentation, you need to download the document below. The relevant parts are pages 1-9 of the document below which give the […]


MissionInsite is a mission context analysis tool for the churches. Because of your church’s contributions to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), you can receive free-of-charge high quality demographic research, real-time congregant analysis, and easy to use web-based discovery tools. For instructions on how to create an account, use the Instructions for MissionInsite. Contact Brea Rarick, or […]

Compensation Guidelines

In the call to ministry, a pastor and a congregation enter into a covenantal relationship. In this relationship, the pastor pledges to care for the spiritual needs of the community and the congregation in turn pledges to care for both the spiritual and temporal needs of the pastor. An important part of these temporal needs is a just […]

Financial Snapshot

The Financial Snapshot is a short summary of the income and expenses, year to date, of the Conference compared to the budgeted year to date figures. This worksheet is created so that after each Conference Consistory meeting’s approval of the financial statements, the Conference could post for transparency purposes exactly where we stand financially at […]

Special Mission Offerings

In addition to OCWM (link), there are four Special Mission Offerings in the United Church of Christ. The offerings are One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need, and The Christms Fund. By contributing to OCWM basic support and these four Special Mission Offerings, churches receive a certificate for being “Five for […]

Our Church’s Wider Mission: OCWM Resources

The United Church of Christ website features useful materials for sharing information on Our Church’s Wider Mission within your faith community. Check out this site for free brochures, infographics, an OCWM video, and bulletin inserts.

Stewardship Resources

For the most recent resources from the United Church of Christ on OCWM and Stewardship, visit the UCC Stewardship Resources webpage at