PSEC Boundary Training Policy

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference’s Church and Ministry Council passed a new plan for Boundary Training beginning in 2018. In order to address concerns that the traditional Boundary Awareness Training course is repetitive or not relevant to a minister’s current setting or life stage, alternatives to the traditional class will be offered. Authorized Ministers may choose […]

Leadership Project

First United Church of Christ in Royersford, using a New Ministries Grant from the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, developed a training program to strengthen volunteer leaders in churches. The objective was to create a way for the volunteer leaders from churches and non-profit organizations in the local communities to practice the basic disciplines of team building […]

UCC Ministry Opportunities

Ministry opportunities — including local church pastorates, conference and association positions, national staff positions, global positions, and administrative or chaplaincy vacancies — are posted to the UCC Ministry Opportunities database. Click here to visit UCC Ministry Opportunities.

Manual on Ministry

Committees on Ministry — the authorizing body of the United Church of Christ — in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference closely follow the Manual on Ministry in their work. The current Manual on Ministry (MOM) is published in ten separate sections or booklets, all available at the link below. Also available, is a draft for the […]

Sabbatical Resource

In June 2016 the PSEC Church and Ministry Council adopted “The Pastor’s Sabbatical — A PSEC Resource.” This document explains the importance of sabbatical leave, information on benefits of and funding sabbaticals, recommended resources, sample policies, and more. This document is available here: The Pastor’s Sabbatical — A PSEC Resource.

PSEC Continuing Education Policy

In June 2016 the Church and Ministry Council approved a Continuing Education Policy for Authorized Ministers in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference. The policy requires full-time pastors to complete 40 contact hours every three years and part-time pastors to complete 20 contact hours every three years. For more information on this, view the PSEC Continuing Education Policy.

Sunday Supply Profile Form

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference Sunday Supply list (available here) is for use when pastors need a fill-in for just a few weeks. It is the policy of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, as set by the Church and Ministry Council, that only those who are currently under the oversight of a PSEC Committee on Ministry may […]

Ministerial Profile Portal

The UCC has long recognized the need to improve the process of Search and Call. This need prompted the Ministerial Excellence, Support & Authorization (MESA) Ministry Team to work with ministers across the denomination, including Conference Staff, to identify the goals and objectives for a new solution. In 2013, the UCC rolled out a “Snapshot […]

Compensation Guidelines

In the call to ministry, a pastor and a congregation enter into a covenantal relationship. In this relationship, the pastor pledges to care for the spiritual needs of the community and the congregation in turn pledges to care for both the spiritual and temporal needs of the pastor. An important part of these temporal needs is a just […]