Resources for Faith-Based Preparedness

These documents are recommended by Rev. Karl Jones, PSEC Disaster Response Coordinator, for churches and leaders considering how to prepare their faith community for a possible disaster. If you have questions about Disaster Response resources available to your church, contact Rev. Jones at Active Shooter in a House of Worship: This “Be a Ready Congregation” […]

Characteristics of Growing Churches

This article from Outreach Magazine is recommended by Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Sharon Morris. 10 Characteristics of Growing Churches 1. They have leaders that lead! “For God so loved the world that He did not send a committee!”  Not sure where I heard that…but it’s true! 2. A desperation for God’s power! Prayer isn’t a […]

Characteristics of a Healthy Church

This article by Christian A. Schwartz, Natural Church Development, ChurchSmart Resources, 1998, is recommended by Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Sharon Morris. 8 CHARACTERISTICS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH Empowering Leadership Leaders of growing churches concentrate on empowering other Christians for ministry. They consider it as one of their most important tasks to help Christians develop greater degrees […]

Secrets of Church Revitalization

This article by Ron Edmondson is recommended by Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Sharon Morris. 5 Secrets of Church Revitalization I’ve written frequently about church revitalization. As one who has planted a couple of churches, I know the challenges are unique. One thing I’ve noticed is the number of pastors who enter revitalization thinking the church […]

The Smaller Congregation – Pathways in Challenging Times

The Smaller Congregation – Pathways in Challenging Times was originally created for the Alban Institute’s “Congregational Resource Guide,” at a time when many small congregations were feeling the impact of the nation’s financial crisis. The aim was to promote congregational vitality and illuminate options for decision-makers in smaller congregations as they faced common challenges. While new models […]

Protecting Houses of Worship

Unfortunately, protecting houses of worship is a relevant and important topic in today’s world, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or detract from your ministries. Look over these resources for valuable and practical information on keeping your church safe from a shooting or other attack. This document provides Federal Government Resources for Protecting Houses […]