All churches that are members of the United Church of Christ are tax exempt under the UCC tax number. If your church is asked — usually by a vendor — to provide its 501(c)3 documentation, you need to download the document below. The relevant parts are pages 1-9 of the document below which give the United Church of Christ tax exempt information and introduces the current UCC yearbook AND the page of the yearbook that lists your local church. The current document is available here: 2023 Yearbook for Tax Exempt.

Summer 2020 update: Most organizations will accept the above format for proof of non-profit status. However, a few organizations — including GuideStar — have now begun asking for more information. If you submit the documentation using the steps above and that is not accepted, please email the Conference Registrar ( and request a letter. Your email should include the church’s name and address and the EIN that you are using in your application. An updated letter will be sent to you within two business days.