UCC Ministerial Code

All persons with ministerial standing in the United Church of Christ are expected to abide by the UCC Ministerial Code. This document is the professional behavior standard, to which authorized ministers are held accountable through their Associations. This ethical code reminds ministers of their call and covenantal responsibilities to God, self, family and the Church. […]

Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers

The Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers is a tool for discernment and assessment, created especially for use by Members in Discernment, Committees on Ministry, and authorized ministers. The Marks developed through conversations surrounding the Ministry Issues Pronouncement of General Synod 25, which sought to expand UCC definitions of learnedness and leadership in authorized ministry […]

PSEC Boundary Training Policy

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference’s Church and Ministry Council passed a new plan for Boundary Training beginning in 2018. In order to address concerns that the traditional Boundary Awareness Training course is repetitive or not relevant to a minister’s current setting or life stage, alternatives to the traditional class will be offered. Authorized Ministers may choose […]

Leadership Project

First United Church of Christ in Royersford, using a New Ministries Grant from the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, developed a training program to strengthen volunteer leaders in churches. The objective was to create a way for the volunteer leaders from churches and non-profit organizations in the local communities to practice the basic disciplines of team building […]

PSEC Gift Acceptance Policy Summary

This policy serves as a guideline to the members of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference staff, Conference Consistory, and Endowment Committee involved with accepting gifts on behalf of the Conference. This policy is intended as an internal guide and allows flexibility in treatment of gifts on a case by case basis. The entire policy can be obtained […]

Pennsylvania Southeast Conference “Safe Conference” Policy

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ has adopted a “Safe Conference” policy. To read more about what we’re doing to prohibit abuse, exploitation and harassment, protect youth, and ensure Authorized Ministers are thoroughly vetted for service read the PSEC Safe Conference Policy.

Pennsylvania Southeast Conference bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference were most recently updated on June 4, 2022. For the most recent copy, view this  Constitution Bylaws – Revised 6-4-22.

Manual on Ministry

Committees on Ministry — the authorizing body of the United Church of Christ — in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference closely follow the Manual on Ministry in their work. The current Manual on Ministry (MOM) is published in ten separate sections or booklets, all available at the link below. Also available, is a draft for the […]