On January 7, 2023, our beloved Conference Minister Emeritus, Rev. Dr. F. Russell Mitman, joined the Saints. Read his obituary announcement here. Russ will be deeply missed by many. We celebrate his life and legacy, including the gift of his three terms as Conference Minister of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference.

At the 2022 PSEC Fall Meeting, held Sunday, November 13 at Salt and Light Community Church in Philadelphia, the Rev. Dr. Russ Mitman was honored with the title “Conference Minister Emeritus.” The text of that resolution is here:

Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ
The Office of Conference Minister Emeritus on
Rev. Dr. Russell Mitman

Whereas, there is a long tradition in the United Church of Christ and its predecessor bodies of conferring the honorary title of Pastor Emeritus to celebrate the ministry of its retired pastors; and

Whereas, Rev. Dr. Russell Mitman was ordained to Christian Ministry on ­­­­­­­June 7, 1965, and served congregations in Easton, Carlisle, and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and Colorado Springs, Colorado; and

Whereas, Dr. Mitman faithfully and effectively ministered to the people, pastors and congregations of the the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ from January 1, 1993, to December 31, 2010; and

Whereas, Dr. Mitman represented the Conference among the wider United Church of Christ at nine General Synod meetings, as Chair of the Council of Conference Ministers, and as Secretary of the UCC Insurance Board, and

Whereas, Dr. Mitman made significant contributions to the ecumenical life of the Conference by establishing and maintaining relationships with The Union of Evangelical Churches in Germany and the Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba; and

Whereas, Dr. Mitman advanced the education and worship life of the church as an adjunct faculty member and Board member of Lancaster Theological Seminary and published several works on preaching and worship leadership; and

Whereas, the giving of the honor of Conference Minister Emeritus celebrates a lifetime of devotion to God, God’s people and the church, and recognizes the conviction that ordination continues until life ends and brings honor to the local and wider church by bestowing the title; and

Whereas, this resolution arises out of the deep affection, respect, esteem and gratitude, of the people of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ,

Be it resolved, that the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of    Christ bestows the title of Conference Minister Emeritus upon Rev. Dr. Russell Mitman on this day, Sunday, November Thirteen, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twenty-Two.