Five shared values form the foundation of the work we share:

  1. Transparency — in all things, generally, but specifically in the decisions we make and resources we share.
  2. Covenant — the connection in the relationship that we have with God and that we share with each other.
  3. Radical Inclusivity — of all thoughtful perspectives especially where differences create a feeling of danger and the potential for exclusion.
  4. Celebration for all that God has done, is doing and will do. There has got to be many facets of fun and joy to the ministry we share or (I would say) we’re doing it wrong.
  5. Building Capacity — among lay and authorized leaders who make real the dreams and the visions we have for vitalized and effective ministries in our communities and our world.

We are currently focused on 5 elements of our 2020 Vision all of which spring from those values.

  1. Turning our churches inside out to focus on local community transformation as much as church tradition, growth and discipleship. We want to see 5 cities or towns being positively affected by the presence of a UCC congregation as measured by the quality of life standards (i.e. education, housing/homelessness, crime reduction, employment opportunities, health/wellness) of those communities;
  2. Remembering that church growth is a byproduct of a vital spiritual community, we will connect local congregations to training, inspirational experiences, networking opportunities and congregational coaches with the goal of increasing active participation in 80 of our churches by 10%;
  3. Developing an expectation of pastoral excellence among the Authorized Pastors of the conference,
    1. By providing a clergy coach to each pastor for the first year at the beginning of a new ministry.
    2. every pastor in the conference will be in an accountability and support group with three other clergy;
  4. Preparing for the birth of six new vital spiritual communities through recruitment of excellent entrepreneurial leaders to lead the effort, recruiting partner churches to provide support and infrastructure, and raising funding to adequately empower the movement;
  5. Creating a Member In Discernment Academy to standardize the training of potential clergy in the essential practices of ministry excellence in the Penn SE Conference;

You can find the full 2020 Vision Statement here.

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