Our Church’s Wider Mission: OCWM Resources

The United Church of Christ website features useful materials for sharing information on Our Church’s Wider Mission within your faith community. Check out this site for free brochures, infographics, an OCWM video, and bulletin inserts.

Stewardship Resources

For the most recent resources from the United Church of Christ on OCWM and Stewardship, visit the UCC Stewardship Resources webpage at http://www.ucc.org/stewardship_stewardship-resources.

Local Church Planned Giving Manual

A resource for congregations designed to aid pastors and lay leaders in developing a congregational Planned Giving ministry. Includes sections devoted to establishing and promoting a Planned Giving program, congregational endowments, wills emphasis, how life-income gifts work, and more. The quintessential Planned Giving resource! Click here.

Accounting Software Guide

This guide includes software reviews and comparisons for several church software programs including Shelby Systems and QuickBooks for Non Profit and information about accounting software training. Click here.

Church Management

These resources from the United Church of Christ Insurance Board include What Churches Should Know Abou Immigration Law, Employee Handbook Teamplate, and Creating Safer Places for Ministry. Visit https://www.insuranceboard.org/safety-resources/church-management/.

Financial Procedures

These resources from the United Church of Christ include Best Practices for Handling Church Offerings, Audit Committee Handbook, and Tools for Effective Local Church Management. Visit www.ucc.org/finance_financial-procedures.

Core Commitments to Employees

Below is a list of core commitments that a congregation should make when employing lay persons and/or clergy. These three basic commitments (provided by the UCC Parish Life and Leadership group of Local Church Ministries) will help to ensure a smooth work/ministry life among the staff and between the staff and the congregation. Working Conditions […]

Terminating Employment

All employees of the church are employees-at-will, and either the employee or the church can terminate the employment relationship at any given time, for any reason NOT prohibited by law. Authorized ministers’ service under a Letter of Call is subject to the terms of the letter and the constitution of your church. However, one of […]

Housing Allowance

With respect to housing allowance, churches MUST annually adopt resolutions authorizing the housing allowance in advance of the next tax year. Pastors should absolutely be sure that the designation of a housing allowance be on the agenda of the church consistory/council for one of its final meetings of the current year. A housing allowance cannot […]