PSEC Boundary Training Policy

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference’s Church and Ministry Council passed a new plan for Boundary Training beginning in 2018. In order to address concerns that the traditional Boundary Awareness Training course is repetitive or not relevant to a minister’s current setting or life stage, alternatives to the traditional class will be offered. Authorized Ministers may choose […]

Healthy Boundaries in Retirement

This document details boundary guidelines for retirees in their actions in the church, in the community, and on social media. There is also information on clergy requirements after retirement, pastor emeritus/emerita roles, and the proposed “Omega Standing” — known as “Exempt Status” in the current Manual on MInistry. Healthy Boundaries in Retirement

Manual on Ministry

Committees on Ministry — the authorizing body of the United Church of Christ — in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference closely follow the Manual on Ministry in their work. The current Manual on Ministry (MOM) is published in ten separate sections or booklets, all available at the link below. Also available, is a draft for the […]

Sunday Supply Profile Form

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference Sunday Supply list (available here) is for use when pastors need a fill-in for just a few weeks. It is the policy of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, as set by the Church and Ministry Council, that only those who are currently under the oversight of a PSEC Committee on Ministry may […]