First United Church of Christ in Royersford, using a New Ministries Grant from the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, developed a training program to strengthen volunteer leaders in churches.

The objective was to create a way for the volunteer leaders from churches and non-profit organizations in the local communities to practice the basic disciplines of team building and project leadership that is not loaded with the academia or big business approach of lengthy training programs. The training program and materials are designed to help volunteer leaders be better prepared for the leadership jobs they accept. The program aims to provide these materials in small digestible pieces, that would be available to volunteers whenever and wherever they needed.

When it is completed, a volunteer at no cost to them or their organization, will have been exposed to new ideas on attitudes, attributes and skills. This will enhance their ability to involve others in decision-making, galvanize people with their energy and enthusiasm so that they give their best, become approachable and available, and create an environment where everyone feels they are being listened to and respected.

The volunteer will have been exposed to the core attributes of a person who can lead others.

To start the program, check out Leadership Training Get Started Instructions.

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