The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference UCC, Southeast PA Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (SEPA VOAD), Eastwick United and many other partners are looking to recruit volunteers to repair and rebuild homes in the Eastwick neighborhood of Philadelphia.

On August 4, 2020, during the pandemic, TS Isaias dumped seven inches of rain on parts of eastern Pennsylvania. Wind damage and tornadoes left hundreds of thousands without power and widespread severe flooding led to injuries as well as one storm-related fatality.  Covid concerns have left significant unmet needs in the impacted areas and especially in the Eastwick section of Philadelphia which has the highest concentration of damage to both structures and mechanical systems.

We began receiving teams in July, 2021 and are looking forward to including you in our rebuild efforts.

Disaster Event:  Tropical Storm Isaias, Eastern PA

Project Focus:  Repair and Rebuild

Contact:  To volunteer, contact Partner in Service Sharon Sgriccia: