Dear Friends,

The congregation of St. Peter’s sends its sincere appreciation for your kind gift toward our flood recovery efforts. Additionally, please accept our apologies for delay in expressing our thanks. The business of our church has been impeded due to the impact the floods have had upon many of our church family including damage to the homes of both our secretary and our treasurer.

After finding the solution to persistent water returning to the church basement despite pumping after the third flood, we are now planning the phases of repairs. A temporary heating solution is in place until we are able to purchase and relocate a new furnace. We are obtaining information on the reconfiguration of the electrical system and bids to replace the roof and its underlying structural components in advance of repairing the sanctuary ceiling and some damaged carpeting. Due to the organ motor compartment having been ruined by mud encompassing its components, another must be purchased. Other areas including the basement and parking lot will be addressed later.

Several years ago the UCC Insurance Board advised that we would not be eligible to purchase flood insurance through it. As the cost proposed by third party carriers were prohibitively high rendering it too expensive to obtain, we can depend on no insurance funds to cover our flood losses. Our building insurance does not cover the roof/sanctuary damage either.

Consequently, please know we are very grateful for and will be good stewards of the contributions we receive in our restoration endeavor.

With sincere gratitude,

Richard B. Russell Jr.
On behalf of the Congregation
St. Peter’s UCC, Tremont