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Employee Welfare Benefit and Pension Plans

Welfare benefits provided by employers may vary widely. Likewise, employers may pay the full cost or share the cost of all or parts of the plan with employees, especially dental and health care benefits. Different eligibility provisions may be declared for exempt versus non-exempt employees. However, whatever decisions are made regarding eligibility, cost share, and […]

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Plans

Although extensive travel may not be a common practice for churches, periodic special events may require some clarity about reimbursement and should be spelled out in your employee manual. Expense of approved travel performed in the course of conducting church business should only be reimbursable in accordance with IRS reimbursement regulations and the travel policy […]

Background Checks

It is very important and a normalcy in today’s world, to obtain background checks on a prospective employee. Certain positions at our churches, like day care, nursery schools, etc., will require it but other employees who have access to children, including church administrators and maintenance staff, should have a pre-employment background check. Please note that […]