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Justice & Witness ministries resources and helpful links

Resources These resources have been recommended by the PSEC Justice & Witness Ministry Team. Tools for becoming a UCC Creation Justice Church http://www.ucc.org/how_it_works_becoming_a_creation_justice_church Building an Inclusive Church: A Welcoming Toolkit 2.0 – Tools for becoming a UCC Open and Affirming Church https://www.uccresources.com/products/open-and-affirming-planning-guide White Privilege: Let’s Talk – An adult curriculum from the UCC designed to […]

Justice & Witness Advocacy

Whether you are an experienced grassroots organizer, or are considering advocacy for the first time, as a Christian you belong to a long tradition of political advocacy. Many Christian teachings are political: they dictate how individuals and communities should behave, make decisions, relate to each other, and share life together. The Bible is full of […]

Local Church Planned Giving Manual

A resource for congregations designed to aid pastors and lay leaders in developing a congregational Planned Giving ministry. Includes sections devoted to establishing and promoting a Planned Giving program, congregational endowments, wills emphasis, how life-income gifts work, and more. The quintessential Planned Giving resource! Click here.

Church Management

These resources from the United Church of Christ Insurance Board include What Churches Should Know Abou Immigration Law, Employee Handbook Teamplate, and Creating Safer Places for Ministry. Visit https://www.insuranceboard.org/safety-resources/church-management/.

Financial Procedures

These resources from the United Church of Christ include Best Practices for Handling Church Offerings, Audit Committee Handbook, and Tools for Effective Local Church Management. Visit www.ucc.org/finance_financial-procedures.

Church Break-Ins

Due to the recent increase in church burglaries in our area, we thought it would be a good idea to share some church safety plans. DO NOT leave money in the church; always make deposits immediately following any kind of a service or event where money is collected. IF you must leave money at the […]