It is very important and a normalcy in today’s world, to obtain background checks on a prospective employee. Certain positions at our churches, like day care, nursery schools, etc., will require it but other employees who have access to children, including church administrators and maintenance staff, should have a pre-employment background check.

Please note that many background check services provided by state agencies, although economical, are inferior as they check only the resident state records. It is important to check this out before paying for the service.

The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) issued rules in 2012 regarding the use of background checks as employee screening devices. Per the EEOC, “due to the disparate impact of criminal records on prospects for employment, the EEOC has determined that it is improper to disqualify a candidate solely on the basis of a conviction. The crime must be material to the employment to be disqualifying.”