A new book by Dr. Harry L. Serio has been published by Wipf and Stock Publishers and is now available.

 The Other Side of Memory is the attribution of meaning and significance to the events of our lives. There is purpose in our being, and it may take a lifetime to realize it and understand it. In this book, the author attempts to make sense of his varied experiences by exploring a few dimensions of his life. His family heritage, work as a pastor and teacher, interest in archeology, theater, mystical experiences, and more all contributed to who he has become and have added texture and meaning to his life.

“The Other Side of Memory is a personal and spiritual journey not to be missed. Serio masterfully interweaves autobiographical experiences with theological and psychological insights in his newest work that serves as a legacy to a well-lived life. His work is inspiring and thought-provoking, a series of succinct chapters that transcend to highly accessible sermons, some enriched by pathos, others leavened delightfully with humor.
-BRUCE POSTEN, retired Reading Eagle newspaper reporter

“There are few people who have the breadth of experience, spiritual resources, and personal wisdom to offer a gift like Harry L. Serio. In The Other Side of Memory, Serio offers us a reflection on what it means to make meaning of our lives and the lives of others, with lessons for coming of age, enduring conflict, pursuing healing, and trusting God’s love:’
-GREG CAREY, Lancaster Theological Seminary


HARRY L. SERIO is a minister in the United Church of Christ. He is a frequent lecturer and workshop leader in the areas of archaeology, spirituality, the arts, and meditation. Serio is a former president of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and is the author of The Dwelling Place of Wonder and The Mysticism of Ordinary and Extraordinary Experience.