Camp Noah provides a safe, caring and fun environment where children whose communities have been impacted by disasters can help to process their disaster or trauma. Using proven curriculum designed to Build Resiliency, Restore Hope and Change Lives.

A Camp Noah will take place August 13-17 at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Reading for children who have been impacted by the 2017 hurricanes in Puerto Rico. This is an opportunity to participate in a mission trip in your own backyard! Gifts of time, prayers, talent, money & food will create a successful Camp Noah! Preparation and activities can be completed at your VBS, by a service group, nursing home, prayer group, or congregation so participate in the Camp Noah 2018 in Reading.

Certified Camp Staff members facilitate all Camp Noah curriculum activities, along with the help of local volunteers to serve meals and snacks, provide transportation, safety and a fun time for children.

There are many ways you can help with Camp Noah:

  • Make fleece blankets: Every child at Camp Noah receives a tied fleece blanket to use and take home at the end of camp. The blankets are wonderful gifts, but more than that, they are a recovery tool for children, providing much needed comfort as they continue to process their disaster and/or trauma experience. Fleece Blankets Instructions
  • Collect Kids Kits: Every child also receives a Kids Kit to use and then take home at the end of camp. Kids include pencils, crayons, markers, Play Doh, etc., and are especially appreciated, often replacing items that were damaged or lost in the disaster. Kids Kits Instructions
  • Provide meals: 80 prepared breakfasts, snacks and lunches (for 50 campers and 30 volunteers) will be needed daily. Bring in ready-made food or use the church’s industrial kitchen to prepare a meal.
  • Financial donation: The host church is providing space, electricity (A/C), and paper products. Your church can help offset some of those expenses with a $500 donation.
  • First-Aid kits: The camp should have several first-aid kits prepared for Camp Noah Age-Group use.
  • Collect games: As ice-breakers and during free time, you can donate card/board games.
  • Volunteer: People will be needed to serve food and give directions around the building. Volunteers must be available to be on-site a minimum of 2 days each.
  • Transport: Two 12-passenger vans with a drive (all clearances required) will be needed to transport campers.
  • Books: Children’s books of hope (bilingual, Spanish & English) will be collected for the children to take home.
  • For a complete list of Camp Noah needs, click here: Camp Noah Needs List 2018 Reading

To coordinate efforts so we can avoid duplicates or missed pieces, if you would like to be involved:

All coordinating should be completed by June 30. All non-perishable items would be to St. Luke’s Lutheran, Reading by July 30. Snacks and Meal deadlines will vary.

Click here to download a Bilingual info flyer for the Reading Camp Noah.

Learn more about Camp Noah by visiting