Hiring a new staff person generates a lot of paper work and there really is no way to get around that. Here is a checklist of those items that absolutely should be part of each employee’s file (lay person or ordained):

  • File should include the hiring date, wage or salary agreement (call agreement), copy of current completed W-4 (indicates how to withhold for federal tax purposes), employment status (exempt or non-exempt, part-time or full-time) and any other information necessary for each employee.
  • Two forms of identification, for example, copy of driver’s license or government-issued ID, AND either a copy of birth certificate or social security card and completed Form I-9 showing that the person is eligible for employment in the U.S. If hiring other than citizens of the U.S., see I-9 for additional identification requirements.
  • Any background checks, and information regarding references, sick days, vacation time, time cards, etc. Also, name and phone number of emergency contact.

I’ve hired someone and collected all the data, now what?

  • Notify payroll services, if you use one, or set up the new staff member on your system.
  • Notify appropriate agencies about a new employee hire (see New Hire Reporting Form for Commonwealth of PA AND see your local EIT collector for Residency Certification Form.)
  • Give employee all necessary forms to complete for benefits such as insurance, pension, retirement savings, etc. that are relevant for the new hire. These need to be updated annually.
  • Complete all forms and notify insurance carrier if employee needs to be added to insurance for vehicles, liability, sexual misconduct, workers’ compensation.
  • If church has a Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan or Health Reimbursement Plan be sure to give her/him the appropriate forms when hired and annually in December for updates. Include a copy of the plan for your files and a copy to the employee.
  • Explain payroll procedures and dates. If a time sheet is used, be sure the employee understands how to complete and when to be turned in.
  • If employee will be issued credit cards, have all forms completed and remind him/her of receipts being turned in after using card.
  • If employee will have signature on bank accounts, CDs, etc., fill out the appropriate forms and give to the bank or wherever it needs to be on file. (Some banks require you do this in person.)
  • Give the employee a supply of reimbursement and travel vouchers, if applicable, along with a copy of the approved accountable reimbursement plan.