Church World Service has added two new Kits: Welcome Backpacks and Period (Menstrual Hygiene) Packs to their inventory. UCC congregations assembling them and all other CWS Kits are eligible for a $250 Match Grants.  Completed kits get warehoused, ready to send out on quick notice. Read more.

However, priority is Emergency Cleanup Buckets. Hurricanes, floods, and other disasters are happening more frequently. When our neighbors around the world experience these circumstances, you can make the road to recovery easier with CWS Cleanup Buckets. These buckets are full of essential home recovery supplies that are needed after a disaster strikes. CWS is requesting that you add an air freshener to each bucket. Learn more about these kits:

Specifications and other information about all the CWS Kits (Click the “Assemble Kits” drop-down menu.)

Apply for a grant.


Important:  It is important that you send the processing fees to CWS before dropping off your kits/buckets.  These fees are $2.00 each for kits and $3.00 each for buckets.  Please bring your receipts when you drop off your kits/buckets.  Thanks.


Take your pictures and record your stories and send them to, so we can inspire others with your story.

These PSEC congregations have offered to be drop-off locations for the kits you assemble: CWS Buckets Drop-off Locations