eNews for the week of December 14 featured an updated style that matches the recently redesigned Conference website: psec.org. The new email format was designed to make information easier to find, to highlight exactly what is new and especially relevant for any given week, and to be easier to read on any device.

At the top of the new email is a block of text highlighting what is “Important This Week.” Those items would include upcoming registration deadlines, new items that appear relevant to a large number of our email subscribers, items that are relevant to pressing current events, etc. If you only have a few seconds to skim the weekly email, looking at this information should give you an idea of what information can’t wait until you have more time to read the email in detail.

Next, the email features a section of information that is “New This Week.” That section will usually include a featured article, often written by the Conference Minister, and then any items that have not run in eNews before.

The last section of the email is made up of “Important Dates and Reminders.” These are items that have run before and can usually be found on our website, but are still important – things that if you missed the previous week, we want to make sure you get a chance to review this week.

At the bottom of the “Important Dates and Reminders” section is a light blue section with upcoming dates and classified ads. (This is also where you’ll find the red box linking you to Communitas bulletin inserts.) The dates in this box are broken down into “PSEC Events,” “Upcoming Church Events,” and “Educational Opportunities.” Please note that the red, underlined text are links to more information and registrations. For example, by clicking either “Clergy Women’s Retreat” or “Clergy Convocation,” you can register for either of those 2018 events!

Each week, we try to share information through the eNews that is relevant to authorized ministers and church leaders. Please take a moment to forward this email to your church leaders and encourage them to sign up for eNews. They can join our mailing list either by clicking here or by visiting psec.org and clicking “Subscribe Today” on the red bar across the middle of the page.