The Mysticism of Ordinary and Extraordinary Experience by the Rev. Dr. Harry L. Serio was recently published in April 2021 by Resource Publications, Eugene, OR.

We are so much more than we appear to be. The “why” of our existence is far more complex than the “how” of our being. Mysticism probes the hidden nature of who we are, why we are here, and our relationship to our Creator. We catch glimpses of this not only in the ordinary experiences of life, but also through extraordinary and unusual encounters with mystery. Mysticism is the awareness of our reality.


This slender volume is a gem. In a lively fashion, spiced with snippets of history and personal anecdotes, it opens the door to modes of experience that traditional Christianity has often treated with benign neglect. The book’s most significant virtue is its comprehensive treatment of “mysticism,” a concept that includes both unsettling encounters with the paranormal and the most ordinary experiences of well-being.  According to the author, all of these episodes of serenity or illumination are manifestations of the basic human drive toward unification with the mysterious source of our being. Amazingly, the author accomplishes this integrative goal without minimizing the differences among mystical experiences and traditions.

Dr. Lee C. Barrett, Mary and Henry Stager Professor of Theology, Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Author: Kierkegaard in Context; Eros and Self-Emptying: The Intersections of Augustine and Kierkegaard

Dr. Serio takes us on a journey through culture, religious and scientific domains.  He provides a context for bridge building and suggests that current physics concepts are compatible with spiritual insights.  He emphasizes the importance of creative and mystical experiences for enhancing our lives and bringing us closer to understanding the fundamental principles of the universe, and that we share an interconnected web of consciousness.  He illustrates this interconnection with a variety of extraordinary perceptions accessible to everyone.

Dale E. Graff,

Founder and Former Director United States Government’s PROJECT STARGATE

Author: Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness: An Exploration of ESP, Remote Viewing, Precognitive Dreaming and Synchronicity; River Dreams: The Case of the Missing General and Other Adventures in Psychic Research

In these pages, Dr. Harry L. Serio imparts a wealth of knowledge and insight.  It is the perception of his many personal varied experiences and his sense to relate them to human consciousness which unleashes the power of the collective Spirit.

This work draws tools from diverse sources that enables the reader to explore a sense of deep peace; and in that space to foster peace for all sentient beings leading to the One God of all true healing.

Dr. Mark D. Rader, physician


Dr. Harry L. Serio is a minister in the United Church of Christ, having served churches in Womelsdorf, Kutztown, and Temple in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He is past-president of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc., and the author of The Dwelling Place of Wonder (2016).