Since Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean in late September 2017, hundreds of people have self- evacuated to Pennsylvania. From the PA Department of Education, we know that as of December 2017, nearly 1,900 displaced students from US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are enrolled in Pennsylvania schools.

Many of these families are in need of short term housing as they determine more permanent and sustainable futures for their families. At the present time the FEMA Temporary Housing Assistance program will end on March 20. Some families will return to their communities in Puerto Rico, others are determined to start a new life here. Many others are still determining their next steps forward.

Pennsylvania Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (PA VOAD) is a collaboration of helping agencies like PA Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ, Lutheran Disaster Response, Baptist Disaster Response, Mennonite Disaster Services, Salvation Army, American Red Cross and many more. PA VOAD in partnership with state government agencies and Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), is seeking to identify families and congregations who may wish to support families in need of housing.

If you are interested in housing a family or helping to support a family financially, please complete the survey below. Completing this survey in NO WAY obligates you to accept a family into your home or house of worship.

Click here is access the survey.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Steve Michelone, Voluntary Agency Liaison for PEMA, or Karl Jones, PA VOAD