Here is the latest reflection by the national UCC Disaster Ministries executive, Zach Wolgemuth:

I returned from Haiti in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving day and am now in Puerto Rico through the end of the Month.  As I travel, visit with partners, assist in planning and reflect on the work that each of you are doing and the reach of the UCC… I remain grateful and in awe.  I can tell you that good things are happening and lives are being changed in all corners of the globe.  We are not always able to directly see the impact of our work and actions but I can tell you it is tremendous and inspiring.  As one Haitian partner noted… “you are at home because your sweat is here”  I know that there is UCC sweat everywhere and wherever we leave our sweat, there also remains our UCC DNA.

For “Giving Tuesday,” the UCC Disaster Ministries is trying to raise $10,000  to pay for 500 water filters in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Each $20 gift can give a community one million gallons of fresh water. For more information, including how to donate, visit the One Great Hour of Sharing Facebook page: