Disaster Response Infographics

In 2015 FEMA released preparedness infographics to help spread information on being ready for a disaster. Topics include floods, pet preparedness, disaster kits, and more. Download those graphics by visiting this FEMA website.

After a Disaster

This is a recommended resource from the PSEC Disaster Recovery Ministries. The USA.gov website includes guides for what to do after a disaster. Information includes: Find Family After a Disaster, Find Shelter or Rental Housing After a Disaster, Gas Price Gouging, Help Victims of a Natural Disaster, and Return Home After a Natural Disaster. Visit: […]

Justice & Witness ministries resources and helpful links

Resources These resources have been recommended by the PSEC Justice & Witness Ministry Team. Tools for becoming a UCC Creation Justice Church http://www.ucc.org/how_it_works_becoming_a_creation_justice_church Building an Inclusive Church: A Welcoming Toolkit 2.0 – Tools for becoming a UCC Open and Affirming Church https://www.uccresources.com/products/open-and-affirming-planning-guide White Privilege: Let’s Talk – An adult curriculum from the UCC designed to […]

Justice & Witness Advocacy

Whether you are an experienced grassroots organizer, or are considering advocacy for the first time, as a Christian you belong to a long tradition of political advocacy. Many Christian teachings are political: they dictate how individuals and communities should behave, make decisions, relate to each other, and share life together. The Bible is full of […]