Earlier this year, a PSEC New Ministries Fund grant was awarded to help support the creation of a podcast: 2RevsNoChurch.

2RevsNoChurch is a podcast with a visual component, led by 2 Queer women of color (Rev. DaSaint and Rev. Meagan McLeod), that takes God out of the religious box into an open liberating space. 2RevsNoChurch is what is missing within the theological community and sacred spaces. Queer artists are asked to be guests on the show where they share their journey of faith and their creative gift.

The podcast was first launched in June of 2021 (Pride Month), and 8 out of the 10 episodes for the first season have been released. Each episode includes a featured guest who is a part of the LGBTQIA community. Each episode offers space for the hosts to discuss their own personal narratives as it relates to faith, culture, and religion. The podcast is distributed on Spotify and is available here.

The podcast works to build community and create a movement outside of the four walls of the church, which is inclusive of all beings particularly those that the church has rejected. They have launched the website 2revsnochurch.com, also have an active growing social media community [@2revsnochurch], and have been featured on other podcasts and radio stations.

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