November 2nd through 4th at South Mountain YMCA camp, youth and chaperones gathered together to experience in the tellings of their own personal stories and how God has played a supportive part in their lives. Along with the theme being “My Story”, participants on Friday evening sat and watched the film, Life of Pi. A movie about a young indian man name Pi having lost everything in one night. Who is forced to drift for days out in the open seas, beside a bengal tiger in nothing more than a lifeboat. His story shows his journey with survival and trusting God which lead into open discussions on the struggles both youth and adults had to prevail through in life.

Despite having awoken to a powerless camp in the early morning on Saturday, with dead or dying cell phones as well as the consumption of a cold breakfast, spirits remained high. Workshops crafted by the Youth Event Planning Committee went along smoothly, the messages connecting with the overall theme, while having fun. Between crafting personalized life boats (which we set to sails later) and protecting your rock (by balancing it on toilet paper) from life’s problems with God’s help, (who replaced the toilet paper with saran wrap). The weekend was filled with pleasant activities, from a tractor ride up into the mountainside for a beautiful view of God’s creations, to singing God’s praises as a community in the Large Group Area.

Written by Kyana Zayas and Kyle Zayas, Glenside UCC