The Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing program (Justice LED) program was created in 2008 by UCC Justice and Witness staff members. In their travels, they encountered numerous requests for a resource that could help congregations more intentionally reflect on the justice dimensions of Christian discipleship and pursue justice through their ministries and in their lives. Justice LED was their effort to meet this need.

Justice advocates in our congregations often find themselves frustrated with what they perceive as apathy or resistance to supporting social justice ministries. Sometimes our mistake is in beginning with a push for particular justice issues, assuming that everyone knows and understands the faith values undergirding our efforts. Ongoing, intentional justice faith formation programs and conversations for all ages are an important -and often overlooked – foundational piece in social justice ministries. If we think of social justice strategies as a continuum with different entry points for different people such as education and immersion, advocacy and public witness) we may find more ways to help people incorporate justice into their faith and lives. To learn more, visit the UCC Justice Training webpage, or download the Justice LED Planning Guide to host a training and use Justice LED.