Comfort Centers are short-term, usually only day-use locations, where community members can go in the event of an emergency.  These Centers can serve as places to get information, as charging stations, as places to stay out of extreme heat or cold in the event of power outages, and places to get water and refreshment.

Your congregation is encouraged to become a registered Comfort Center.  To become a Comfort Center your congregation should:

  • Designate decision makers and write the process for opening a comfort center
  • Alert your local municipal emergency management that the congregation is willing and able to serve as a comfort center
  • Inform the Conference Disaster Coordinator that the comfort center is available by contacting Karl Jones at 570-617-4018 or
  • Consider the use of generators. Your local emergency manager might be able to help.
  • Decide what staff or volunteers will be responsible for running the comfort center
  • Make decisions about capacity based on available space and bathrooms.
  • Consider accessibility to public transit
  • Consider supplies for children such as diapers, games, space to run around
  • Have available:
    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Charging stations
  • Share that the comfort center is open via Facebook or other means.