Justice & Witness Advocacy

Whether you are an experienced grassroots organizer, or are considering advocacy for the first time, as a Christian you belong to a long tradition of political advocacy. Many Christian teachings are political: they dictate how individuals and communities should behave, make decisions, relate to each other, and share life together. The Bible is full of […]

Church Management

These resources from the United Church of Christ Insurance Board include What Churches Should Know Abou Immigration Law, Employee Handbook Teamplate, and Creating Safer Places for Ministry. Visit https://www.insuranceboard.org/safety-resources/church-management/.

Church Break-Ins

Due to the recent increase in church burglaries in our area, we thought it would be a good idea to share some church safety plans. DO NOT leave money in the church; always make deposits immediately following any kind of a service or event where money is collected. IF you must leave money at the […]

Core Commitments to Employees

Below is a list of core commitments that a congregation should make when employing lay persons and/or clergy. These three basic commitments (provided by the UCC Parish Life and Leadership group of Local Church Ministries) will help to ensure a smooth work/ministry life among the staff and between the staff and the congregation. Working Conditions […]

Employee Manuals

Each church should have written personnel policies that are FOLLOWED. However, no matter how you try, the best drafted policies will not cover every personnel issue that may arise. Therefore, these policies may be written with some flexibility. For example, a general statement of principle such as the following provided by our friends at the […]

End of Year Reporting – 1099s or W2s – and Beginning of Year Employee Notifications

End of Year Reporting – 1099s or W2s?             The W-2 and the 1099 are known as information return tax documents that churches must file with various taxing authorities after year-end. Copies of these documents must also be given to employees or independent subcontractors by January 31 of the New Year. A W-2 is the […]

OCWM Remittal Form

Churches should complete this form and submit it with contributions to any type of OCWM so that we know where to allocate your funds. For 2022: OCWM Remittal Form for 2022 OCWM Remittal Form for 2022 OCWM 2022 Fillable Form PDF    

Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing Program (Justice LED)

The Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing program (Justice LED) program was created in 2008 by UCC Justice and Witness staff members. In their travels, they encountered numerous requests for a resource that could help congregations more intentionally reflect on the justice dimensions of Christian discipleship and pursue justice through their ministries and in their lives. […]