St. James UCC, Havertown: April 6, 2014

We have a vision and lots of prayer . . .

570-4It takes vision and lots of prayer to start a church and the continue being the Church. The foremothers and forefathers of St. James United Church of Christ, Havertown did just that in 1944 when they began a church in the pastor’s home. Upon outgrowing the parsonage, they bought an 18th century dairy barn from the Grange estate and turned it into a house of worship, mission/outreach, and faith formation. The first service in the new church was just before Christmas in 1948 (they were the only ones in the area, who could truly say “Come to the stable” in the Christmas Eve advertising).

570St. James still has a vision, and we are still seeking to live it out – day in and day out. We continue to see prayer as an undergirding for everything we seek to do in Chris’s name and for his glory. We are a church that prays for each other, and for others – often, and aloud. This foundation of prayer has not only strengthened us, but given us both hope and courage to do what we never dreamed of nor thought we could. Thanks be to God.

Right now, at St. James a lot of our time and energy is going into:

570-2Developing partnerships to help meet the needs of the 45 families who utilize our food pantry. We expect to give out $6,000 in the form of Giant cards (to purchase gas or produce, meat or dairy, or personal care items) and 1,000 bags of groceries this year.

Implementing various forms of faith formation for both adults and children: customized faith formation coaching, a resource library, conference call learning and sharing, a spiritual assessment tool on our webpage, and a milestone program.

Living out our three-year plan for evangelism to the 12 Step recovery community, LGBT (we voted unanimously to become an ONA congregation on February 23, 2014), and college students. We have so much Good News to share; we have decided it would be a shame to keep it to ourselves (and not very Biblical at that)!

570-3To learn more, visit:

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