September 15-16 – “Reaching New People” Coaching Event @ St. Paul’s, Douglassville

With fewer and fewer people simply walking into our churches, the question becomes how does the church meaningfully connect with people outside its walls? In this weekend workshop, congregational teams (pastor + church leaders) will learn how to reach new people by effectively aligning themselves with their mission field.

This “how to” workshop includes:

  • The significant and strategic differences between 1955 and today
  • Best practices for reconnecting with the mission field around the church
  • Re-introducing the practice of the pastor as a recruiter of new people
  • Equipping the congregation for its role in reaching new people
  • A congregation specific take home action plan

Through this workshop, you and your congregation will gain the confidence and practical tools needed to reach new people and further the mission of Christ’s church.

This is event is a partnership with St. Paul’s Birdsboro, St. Paul’s Douglassville,  Reading Berks Conference of Churches and PSEC !

For more information about this event, click here.   To register, click here.

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