A message from Conference Minister Rev. Bill Worley, as printed in the March 10, 2020 eNews email:

Dear Friends,
In response to the Coronavirus, I have received numerous guidance-offering emails. I suspect you have too. Some of that information is included with this
e-blast. There is no shortage of direction from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, our own National Church and many others, in addition to the very good work of our Disaster Ministries Coordinator Rev. Karl Jones who is in constant contact with both the Pennsylvania and Federal Emergency Management Agencies. Let me say these three things.
First, we are people of faith, not of fear. God needs us, I expect us, to be sources of non-anxious presence in a very anxious time. That is the most certain path to witness to the very powerful presence of the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ and God’s dominion over this world and our lives.
Second, use common sense. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the volume of information presented by countless media and government outlets. It is important to gather as much factual information as possible to inform your own capacity to react to this crisis with thoughtful reasonableness. Trust your instincts working in conjunction with those with whom you minster. Make safe-guarding your own wellness and that of the people closest to you your first priority.
And finally, do not make decisions alone. The collective discernment capacity of lay leaders is significant and life-giving and can be trusted to find the best way forward for each community, congregation and ministry setting. That discernment may lead some congregations to halt worshiping. It may lead others to continue worshiping with enhanced sensitivity to the virus. We will get through this uncertain time together.
I, and our Conference staff, will continue with all planned events including Conference/Association and Committee meetings, preaching engagements, and training events, until such time as their planners or Conference Consistory and our Association Executive Committees determine that a different course of action is required. We will regularly communicate about that via this e-blast, email, and our Conference webpage.
You remain, as ever, in my prayers.
Rev. Bill Worley
Conference Minister

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