Friedens UCC Work Camp Committee has issued the challenge of collecting 2,000 pounds of new or gently used shoes in 90 days. Friedens will receive 40 cents for every pound collected to be used toward our Work Camp in Florida in June 2019. The shoes we collect will be shipped to developing countries around the world. Micro-entrepreneurs then purchase the footwear for a small fraction of the original cost of the shoes. They clean and prepare them for sale in their communities. The vast majority of people in these countries need good walking shoes to get around because they can’t afford cars. Children who attend school need shoes to complete their uniform. Parents need shoes to go to work. Everyone needs footwear to prevent disease from parasites that can enter the bloodstream from the ground. The reality is, if you wouldn’t buy a pair of frayed or torn-up shoes, people in developing countries wouldn’t want to buy them either. Drop your shoe donations in the collection box located in the Narthex.  This challenge will run through the end of March, so encourage your family and friends to participate!