Zion’s UCC in Pottstown: February 7, 2016

ZionUCCPottstownA long spiritual heritage anchors the faithful of Zion’s United Church of Christ to its current role in the Pottstown community. Founder John Potts gave German immigrants land for a log church in the mid 1700’s and by 1796 the congregation had dedicated a brick church in its place.

Zion’s heritage of the “Old Brick Church” is evident in our mission statement: “Zion’s UCC welcoming people, uniting in worship, receiving and sharing the love of God.” and is reflected in the of the spiritual life of the members.

In our weekly worship we welcome all to first Sunday communion. Seasonal celebrations include Mid-Week Lenten services and a Christmas Eve Family Candlelight service. There is a children’s moment and music by adult and/or youth choirs and a hand bell choir.

The Sunday School nurtures a faith journey for children of all ages and an Adult Discussion Group. Youth and adults share a Christmas Workshop and Christmas and Lenten Dramas. Worldwide we support two Philippine school children and participate in Heifer International’s “Pass it On” mission. Other fellowship and service opportunities include the Women’s Fellowship, Prayer Shawl Ministries, and annual Vacation Bible School.

We offer community service by annually hosting a month long shelter for the homeless with gratitude expressed by both volunteers and guests. Members also prepare and serve a monthly community lunch and offer regular support to the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities.

In addition to our website, there is a monthly church newsletter and a weekly account of church activities in the Religion section of our daily Pottstown Mercury.

As a congregation, we are responsive to ongoing needs in Pottstown throughout the year. “The Old Brick Church” has carried on into the 21st century John Potts’s belief in a town with a deeply religious foundation.

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