Zion’s Red Church, Orwigsburg: March 1, 2015

ZionRed1Why is Zion’s Red Church red? We are often asked this question. People who visit our booth at the Schuylkill County Fair find the answer when they take our quiz, stop for prayer or grab a gift. The annual fair booth is only one of the ways we desire to be a blessing our community.

ZRC has been caring for families since 1755. We are a vibrant faith community. We may be small in number, but we are mighty in spirit! ZRC welcomes all with God’s love, strengthens individuals for life’s journey, and blesses ZionRed2the wider community. In addition to weekly worship and Bible study, we host an AA recovery group and support the local food pantry and women’s crisis center. Our yearly White Elephant yard/bake sale draws quite a crowd, as does our unique summer VBS with themes such as kindness and anti-bullying. We love to bless animals (even a skunk!), motorcycles and bicycles, backpacks and planners, and new homes. A memorial prayer garden honors the DAR, war veterans, and the victims of a gas tanker explosion 50+ years ago. Our Facebook page hosts our prayer outreach.

ZionRed3Messy Church, a movement begun in the UK, has come to ZRC! It’s a monthly interactive worship experience for all ages with crafts, games, prayer stations, praise music, dramatic scripture, and a meal. It’s a creative way to experience God for today’s families.

So why is ZRC red? We wish we could claim it symbolizes the blood of Christ shed for our sins. But instead, red was the color of the clay/milk paint chosen by our frugal German founders. Today, our red color, the catchy phrases on our sign, and our highly visible steeple light the way for everyone traveling by on Route 61.

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