Zion Blue Mountain UCC, Strausstown: November 9, 2014

ZionBlue2In June, a man came to the door of Zion Blue Mountain. In broken English, he explained that he was visiting America from Israel, and the church’s name of “Zion” caught his eye. Being Jewish, the concept of Zion was very dear to his heart, and he merely wished to photograph the sanctuary.

Many different people come to the doors of Zion Blue Mountain UCC. They each bear their own stories, joys, sorrows, and reasons for approaching our stone building.

Many approach us for our food pantry ministry on the third Thursday of every month, or the emergency food we’re known to give out as needed. Others approach for Sunday School, or one of our two Worship services on Sunday mornings. Our Vacation Bible School brought over seventy children to our doors this summer, and our Preschool brings children to us every day. People also come to explore their genealogy and explore the histories of their families.

There’s one common thread among all who come to our doors, they are welcome here. If it’s within our power, we meet their needs, whatever that means.  If they are travelers from the Appalachian Trail and simply want a peaceful place to rest on their journeys, they may sit in our sanctuary or in our prayer garden.ZionBlue1

Whoever they are, if they wish to stay for longer than a visit, there’s a place for them here among us in the Body of Christ.  Our bell tower pushes above the treetops and can be seen from Rt. 78 for a reason. Our church stands as a symbol to all who see it. It’s a symbol that says, “Welcome, we have a place for you at our table.” And to our Brothers and Sisters that approach our doors we take that statement seriously.

Before the Jewish man left Zion’s sanctuary to return to his homeland, he remarked at many of the similarities between our sanctuary and the synagogues in Israel. It amazed him how many things were the same, yet he seemed to take great pride in what was different. What he noted most was the similarity of a welcoming spirit. Visit our website or Facebook page to learn more.

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