United Church of Christ at Valley Forge: February 14, 2016

We are The United Church of Christ at Valley Forge

Our mission at The United Church of Christ at Valley Forge is to follow in the Way of Jesus, deepen our relationships with God and our faith community, and in so doing, be empowered to reach out widely to our neighbors in love, justice, hospitality, healing, and hope.

UCCVF2We seek to nurture these deeper roots with God and each other by worshiping together, providing prayer partners who are available to pray with members of the congregation after worship, participating in and leading Christian education classes for children, youth, and adults, respectively, on Sunday mornings, as well as offering adult small groups that meet during the week to read and discuss books of the Bible. Church leadership attends an annual retreat together and we recently had a day-long prayer retreat for the congregation.

UCCVF3As our spiritual roots grow deeper, we are empowered to widen our connection to our local and regional communities with outreach activities like serving at the Old First Men’s Shelter in Philadelphia, singing at nursing homes, planning and helping to run our annual Alternative Gift Market, sponsoring a fundraiser for LGBTQ youth, as well as participating in UCC national offerings as a “5 for 5” church.

One concern we’ve been currently focusing on is how to better integrate and offer activities that are available for all ages in the congregation, as part of our commitment to be a truly inclusive church. We’ve been experimenting with an inter-generational worship service, now offer a congregation-wide scavenger hunt on Rally Day, recently instituted an annual Saturday night talent show, and continue to look for and brainstorm community outreach activities that are suitable for all ages.

If you have ideas for us to consider about inter-generational worship or are interested in learning more about any of the activities and ideas we’ve listed above, visit us online at uccvf.org to learn more and for contact information.

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