Trinity UCC, Rehrersburg: August 28, 2016

trinity-rehrersburgWhile we are a small country church building in a small country village where there is tons of small country charm; our church members and regular attendees are BIG on friendly welcome, BIG on compassionate service to the community and BIG on journeying together as a faith-filled fellowship exploring where God is leading us.

 We are a traditional community with an open mind and open heart. This community is very open to collaboration and finding ways to spend time together.

 We are a variety of ages and life stages and while we have been through many difficult situations, we are a community that embraces hope and the promise of God’s grace and goodness. Many of the local faithful depend on God for their daily sustenance as farmers.

This community is in awe of God’s beauty, humbled by the provisions made to them and good stewards of God’s resources as well as the resources of the church which they feel called to be. We look after and support one another both in crisis and in everyday life yet respect people’s privacy. This community is fun and active with regular fundraising, fellowship, serving and learning events.
How we understand our work to be done both inside and outside our walls. God loves all of us as we are and delights in spending time with us. God is big enough to handle all our emotions and thoughts, behaviors and histories. This is God’s church and this church is not just our building we worship and learn in. This church is so whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, we welcome you to bring your whole being before God’s grace and love and enjoy the fellowship of God and God’s church.


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