Trinity Reformed UCC, Holland: May 11, 2014

Come and feel the love of Jesus!

Testimony from Doug Brong, a member of Trinity Reformed UCC

605In a difficult time for many churches, Trinity UCC of Holland embodies the attributes and practices taught by Jesus and later the apostles. In meeting for worship, bible study, music ministry, and all of the other faith based activities, Trinity’s finest qualities come forth through the love of Christ, which, I believe, pervades all aspects of church life.

The love of Jesus is most evident in the part of worship when the peace of God is passed from one to another. Finding this part of the service to  be lengthy and heartfelt, the Spirit of God certainly lives, breathes, and  is very active throughout the congregation.

Trinity is a home where one may receive the love of Christ, the Word of God, and the communal fellowship necessary to encourage, edify, and nurture souls who may be lost, hurting, or searching for a higher form of love and respect.

Gratefully, I for one, feel blessed to have been accepted into this wonderful church family, and I thank God repeatedly for all of those who represent the body of Christ at Trinity UCC. To learn more, visit our website:

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