November 16 – Biblical Game of Thrones @ Trinity UCC, Telford

is a series of fantasy novels written by the American author George R.R. Martin.  It was converted into an HBO television series and became a huge hit.  People are intrigued with the issues of power, control, competition, vengeance, remorse, and greed.   The characters in these stories are often faced with decisions that force them to choose between good and evil : their love for those close to them and the greater interests of honor, duty, and the state.  Although Game of Thrones in this case is a fantasy, the issues are very real in all stages of humanity.

We might say Game of Thrones is a continual Biblical story.  The entire scriptural account may be said to be a game, or contest, or struggle in the battle between good and evil: the King of the Universe and sinful humanity.

Our monthly table talks will follow that story. The series will track the dynamic
encounters between the King of Kings and the kings on earth.  By following these
stories, along with reading N. T. Wright’s book How God Became King, Harper One, 2012, we will explore (in Wright’s words) the forgotten story of the Gospels as well as how the great salvation story unfolds. 

Next monthly table talk – November 16th 

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