St. Paul’s UCC, Kutztown: February 1, 2015

StPaulFB1God spoke loudly and clearly throughout St. Paul’s participation in the 3-year-long Church Revitalization process, and we’ve discovered that we‘re still on that journey and that God continues to speak just as clearly and loudly.

Adult education opportunities directed toward spiritual development have exploded! St PaulKutz2Experiencing God and Unbinding the Heart courses are offered to all members, especially those who have recently joined the church. The adult Sunday School class, now typically attended by 24-36 people, uses a variety of formats such as Bible Study, book studies, and/or films and has opened up new, rich and meaningful ways for participants to come together for private reflection and shared dialogue about their faith.

About once a month, interested participants (10-40 participants) meet at one of the area restaurants for food and fellowship. There is no program – just food and fun and a chance to learn more about each other. Each month a different restaurant is selected as the group tries to experience different ethnic foods.

Our Missions Committee began hosting free community dinners on a monthly basis for anyone in the local area interested in attending. We currently host about 60 people. This ministry has recently expanded and is now taking group meals to the residents of local senior living facilities, as well.

St PaulKutz1God has graced St. Paul’s with 17 new members in 2014 alone, with many other new faces attending regularly. Monthly Movie Nights and Game Nights continue to attract folks for fellowship and fun. More and more folks are enlisting in the various ministries of the church with many new members offering to serve on key committees. We are witnessing a new power of the laity! And we’re having fun! One of our members captured the prevailing sentiment of the entire congregation when they offered, “Thank you God for blessing this body of yours with a real sense of community in Christ.” Check out our new website:

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