St. John’s (Hain’s) UCC, Wernersville: November 27, 2016

2210St. John’s (Hain’s) United Church of Christ is known in our area by the names of the ancestors that gave the land on Cacoosing hill where the church sits, George and Veronica Hain. Still, many people here can trace their lineage back to the four or five founding families.

Other people make their first contact with this congregation on a Sunday morning at one of two worship services. Our worship is traditional in shape, contemporary in voice, and diverse musically. One Sunday our senior choir might sing at one service and the World Percussion Ensemble play at another. Our junior choir might sing or our handbell choir ring.

Neighbors in the community might learn about us by attending one of the events in the annual ‘Annie Gaul Concert Series.’

Other people might experience Hain’s church through its members that serve in the community through Little Acts of Love, Family Promise, the Robesonia Food Pantry, or the Free Medical Clinic at St. Daniel’s ELCA. Maybe they were served a meal at the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey by our men’s group. Perhaps they got a ride to a doctor’s appointment from one of our members volunteering with Western Berks Shepherding Ministries. Some people meet us through mission and ministry.

There are others who get to know us from one of the good ‘old fashioned’ Sunday School Picnics that are held during the summer months in our grove. They have come to know us as they listened to the Ringgold Band while eating hand dipped ice cream.

Still others have come to know us through the Scouting organizations we sponsor. Our pastor might have taught their scout a course in the P.R.A.Y. program.

Residents at Phoebe Berks might know us because they watch a recording of our Sunday morning worship. Or, they may know us through one of our people who volunteer or work on the campus.

If George and Veronica were here today they might be surprised at how far we’ve come since that small log structure years ago. But in one way, not much has changed since 1735. We mark our existence by gathering around Christ’s table, welcoming others to this same table, and by serving together in the world.


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