St. Andrew’s UCC, Perkasie: November 6, 2016

st-andrews-perkasie                 St. Andrew’s United Church of Christ in Perkasie is in the midst of celebrating 150 years of ministry in Jesus Christ. The concept of a “wider church” is in our DNA, having been founded as a missionary effort and partnering across denominations and geography from the outset.

                 Our church’s mission statement proclaims that we are “an inclusive community rooted in God’s incredible love.” We are committed to living out what that means, in our life together and in the world beyond our walls, affirming that God’s love welcomes everyone while immersing ourselves in God’s transforming power.

Worship at St. Andrew’s is filled with the gifts of the people. Our Music Ministry includes a Children’s Choir, Senior Choir, Bell Choir, and Guitar Group.   Preaching is gospel-centered and interactive, engaging the power flowing from the biblical narratives with the substance of our lives. Our Koinonia Time is the setting for incredibly rich sharing of life’s joys and struggles, and the lifting of it all to God in prayer.

This congregation is a place where inspired ministry initiatives from our members are encouraged and nurtured. We have a Mission Resource Team whose purpose is to help develop ideas and fledgling projects into missions of the larger church: sharing wisdom; participating in discernment; making connections; affirming gifts; and accessing vital resources.

Among the vital ministries birthed here is Touchstone Veterans Outreach, which tends to the soul wounds of war carried by returning veterans, their families, and the community. The COMPASS Healing Circle, bringing together veterans, family, and community members, has become holy ground and safe space for the deep listening, the honoring of difficult truth, and healing of longstanding wounds.

In February, our congregation marked Pastor Scott’s twentieth anniversary among us. It became a festival celebrating two decades of inspired love and ministry for us together. We eagerly embrace our next chapter.

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