One UCC, Kenhorst: January 1, 2017

One United Church of Christ takes its name from Jesus’ prayer for his followers and the UCC’s motto, “that they may all be one.” Our congregation formed when two UCC churches in the Reading area merged, and we just finished celebrating our 10th anniversary year. However, our history is much deeper than a decade and encompasses the stories of four predecessor congregations whose legacies we hold. Thanks to our past, we understand being the body of Christ today means change and experimentation. At its core, One UCC is a small, and growing, richly diverse bunch of people who love Jesus and follow him in some customary and some quirky ways. Reflecting the authenticity and giftedness of our congregation, our worship service is a bit traditional and a bit rock and roll. Our ministries include the more usual activities of a congregation like faith formation, fundraising for the CROP Walk and the Greater Berks Food Bank, and building relationships within our community, and we have been known to host neighborhood hangout nights in the summer and worship in our pajamas on Christmas morning. In our local area, One UCC is known for our amazing Christmas and Easter candy, as well as gaining an increasing reputation as a neighborhood church. We value relationship, play, creativity and feeding people both literally and metaphorically.

January 1, 2017 marks the beginning of our 11th year as a congregation. We will be engaging in an intentional process of visioning and discernment throughout this year, wondering what God is calling us to be and do at this time in history and in our context. We covet, and are grateful for, the prayers of our partner congregations in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference.

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