Apr. 22 or Apr. 29 – CD Training – Diagnosing the Health of Your Congregation

Congregational Training with Rev. Cean James Begins: 
9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Diagnosing The Health of Your Congregation with Bowen Family Systems Theory

For about 20 years now, congregations have been using the work of psychiatrist Murray Bowen to better understand the church as a family system. Bowen Family Systems Theory provides congregational leaders with a framework for understanding behaviors they are experiencing in congregations. Surely, congregations aren’t families, yet in congregations of all sizes the relationships within the congregation sometimes have family-like intensity. “We allow behaviors in congregations that we would only allow in our family or (adversely) we allow behaviors in congregations that we would never allow in our family. Bowen Theory, when used well, builds awareness and confidence in the leader, provides a more objective view of the congregation, and calms anxiety. It allows thinking to catch up with praying and praying to catch up with thinking.”

*Alban at Duke Divinity School is our primary resource.

These sessions are free to attend.  Three different locations are being offered.
Each session is from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.
This is open to everyone, especially pastors and church leaders.

To register for the March 18th session @ Woodcrest UCC in Philadelphia, click here.
To register for the April 22nd session @ Reformed Church of the Ascension in Norristown, click here.
To register for the April 29th session @ St. Paul’s in Auburn, click here.

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