Huff’s Union Church, Alburtis: May 1, 2016

200th birthday celebration for the 1815 cornerstoneMHuff’s Union Church (ELCA and UCC) goes back to 1744 on the UCC side, and to 1760 on the Lutheran side. After worshiping in the same building for many years, they decided, after
the Formula of Agreement made it possible, to call one pastor for both congregations. Huff’s called Pastor Jane Kropa to this position in 2001.

Just because Huff’s has a long history (photo left is ofFall Fun Fest-M our 200th anniversary celebration of the laying of the 1815 cornerstone) doesn’t mean it’s stuck in its history. Huff’s renovated its buildings to make them worship-friendly, and in 2014 added a contemporary worship service once a month called “Manna” to provide spiritual bread in the wilderness.

Pet Blessing-MWith their sister congregation, St. Peter’s Union, they hold a hunger/homeless walk annually. Huff’s has an annual “Love Sunday” and asks for gift cards which are given to one of the three local agencies they support. The Easter Story Egg Hunt is a popular chance to tell the story of Holy Week at a variety of activity stations, before hunting candy-filled eggs. At the congregation’s request, Pastor Kropa offers a QPR (question, persuade, refer) suicide prevention program for non-professionals twice a year, which is advertised to the public. In the fall they host a pet blessing and offer a family fun fest with fall activities and games.

To learn more, visit us on Facebook (Huff’s Union Church) or at our website:

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