Falkner Swamp UCC, Gilbertsville: October 30, 2016

450At Falkner Swamp U.C.C. we offer acceptance and friendship. On Sunday mornings and throughout the week, in the church building and beyond, Falkner Swamp is a place where lives and spirits can interact with love and kindness.

Gathering for our first Communion as a worshiping body in 1720, ours is the oldest continuously serving congregation of the German Reformed side of the United Church of Christ. Taking this heritage into the future is a current prayer and hope of this fun-loving and faith-filled body of Christ.

Fellowship and food go together here. In 2016 the church began serving community breakfasts on Saturday mornings, to extend the UCC’s characteristic extravagant welcome to all. Monthly Sunday dinners, offered for a low price, are open to all after worship. The Falkner Swamp Saints Relay for Life team provide opportunities yearly for fellowship and fund-raising for cancer research. Their chicken pot pies, on sale soon, cannot be beat to chase off the autumn chill. (Call the church office to reserve yours!)

In recent years the musical trio “The Dogs of Falkner Swamp” visited various retirement communities, churches, and ball parks to provide worship through story and song, and a newly forming Men’s Chorus graces our worship.

A small but energetic church school enlivens summer VBS and our monthly Youth Sunday, a growing process of involving children and youth in worship.

As the congregation of Falkner Swamp looks to the future, partnership with other churches and organizations will provide continuing opportunities to spread its characteristic love of one another through Christ.

To learn more about our history, mission, and ministry visit: falknerswamp.org.

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