Community (St Lawrence) UCC, Reading: October 16, 2016

communityCommunity UCC was formed in 1951 by members of Schwarzwald Church who felt called to plant a church in St Lawrence (a borough of Reading). Our name, “Community”, is both a result of getting started in the St Lawrence Community Center as well as our commitment to creating an open and loving community of faith.

Despite being only 1.5 miles from our original home at Schwarzwald UCC, Community and Schwarzwald had very little interaction and common ministry for the first 60 years of our existence. That all changed in 2012 when our two churches decided that we could do more the further the Kingdom of God together than we could separately. Each church elected five members to join the pastors on our Ministries Council, and together, we have community-1coordinated combined Bible studies, small groups, confirmation classes, holiday services, fundraisers, outreaches, events, and important conversations about difficult issues.

Our most recent event was a free Children’s Clothing Swap in which parents could donate clothing that their kids don’t fit into anymore and take as much as they need for their kids today. We started with some donations thanks to our VBS and ended up with twice as much left over even after giving away dozens of bags filled with clothing! God’s love is being spread by simply asking,

“How are we uniquely situated to serve God’s beloved people?” Would you pray with us as we grapple with that question and continue to explore and experiment with ministry in the 21st century?


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