Church of the Good Shepherd UCC, Boyertown: November 18, 2012

You Did It To Me

180The program emphasis for Good Shepherd UCC in Boyertown for 2012 is Matthew 25:40, “…just as you did it to one of the least of these who is a member of my family, you did it to me.” YDITM focuses on connecting the living presence of the loving Christ we feel in church with our experiences outside the church. In recent years we have asked our members to match their passionate faith with their God-given gifts and to use them compassionately wherever they live.

Recently, we looked at displays and heard ten faith testimonies from our members describing the ministries and missions they are involved in that touch the community and world. The stories where a passionate faith responded to an understood need leading to meaningful, generous acts in Jesus’ name were truly inspiring to all of us. We were all encouraged to find that area within or outside of the church where we could share our faith or start new ministries.

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Here is where some of the faith journeys have led our folks: well digging in Sierra Leone; artists rehabbing houses in Berks; 10 mission trips to SERRV in Maryland; ministering to autistic children; adoption; cleft palate surgery in the Philippines; Alex’s Lemonade Stand; Relay for Life; Prayer Team; one member told how she engages with strangers she meets, shares stories, and helps them and prays for them. These are all added to the monthly work of our Mission Team gathering food, toiletries for Women in Crisis, serving meals in Reading, selling SERRV items, and many other things. We are trying to focus less on ourselves and more on the needs of others. This is bringing many moments of joy and meaning into our congregation.


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