Chestnut Hill United Church, Philadelphia: October 23, 2016

chestnut-hill                Who doesn’t love kids? We love having them in our midst – squirming and talking and exploring. Because our congregation is seated in the round, we face one another. Our kids often move around the space, stretching out on the carpet, visiting a friendly face across the sanctuary, or splashing in the fountain. Sometimes they just start dancing! Our kids have been known to ask a question of the preacher during a sermon. (You might call it an interruption, we call it the movement of the Spirit!) Our children have things to learn from the church, it’s true. But we also have so much to learn from them.

While we embrace and affirm our own children, we also feel called to stand for all chestnut-hill-1children across our state. Pennsylvania has the largest gap in the quality of education provided to higher-income and low-income children in the country. Many children in our state are not afforded what the Pennsylvania constitution promises, “a thorough and efficient” system of education. We invite you to pray with us, not only for the children in each of our congregations and communities, but for those who teach, administer, and make decisions about education in our state. All our children, regardless of race, zip code, or class, deserve an education which helps them to be the person of sacred worth and gifts that God calls each of them to be.

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